About Us

About PCNZ

PCNZ (Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ Ltd) today is a leading compounding pharmacy in New Zealand. Our extensive range of specialist, innovative, natural and effective wellness products is supported by our team of pharmacists. The PCNZ team is focused on providing professional, science based, technical advice to support to all our customers. Working alongside medical practitioners, we are able to provide personalised and comprehensive treatment options to all our patients and theirs.

The team at PCNZ pride themselves in consistently combining their passion and experience to produce compounds which both doctor and patient can trust.

PCNZ Dispensary

The PCNZ dispensary team consists of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are focused on providing professional, science based, technical advice to support all our customers. Whether visiting our Auckland based dispensary or calling/emailing with a query, our dedicated team of pharmacists are readily available to discuss medicines and supplement treatment options and also provide you with information on how best to take and manage your medicines to ensure you get the most benefit from your treatment.

PCNZ Compounding

Our compounding team is led by specialised pharmacists, supervising an experienced group of pharmacy technicians who compound our custom-made products. We have state-of-the-art compounding rooms dedicated to the compounding of medicines, hormones and nutritional supplements. We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients as well as specialist equipment to ensure the best possible quality product is delivered to our customers. Our pharmacists keep up-to-date on improved methods of medicine delivery and are available to answer your custom compounding enquiries.