Biomedical Treatment

Biomedical Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other Behaviour Disorders.

The aim of biomedical intervention is to treat any underlying metabolic, immune, neurological and digestive issues in patients with ASD, ADHD and Behaviour Disorders. Treatment is an integrative approach incorporating individualized nutritional, medical, dietary and environmental plans with on-going evaluation of progress.

There are 4 flexible stages in the biomedical approach, which often overlap.

Phase 1

  • Aim: Assess child’s current health via full history and exam. Record Autism Treatment Evaluation checklist (ATEC) score (if ASD), Connors score (if ADHD). Remove obvious negative triggers impacting on child’s health.
  • Probable tests: Blood tests for mineral status including ferritin, zinc and copper; Urine Kryptopyrroles to check for Pyroluria; Abdominal X-ray (ASD) to check for fecal retention; Hair mineral analysis to check for heavy metals
  • Probable basic supplements: Fish oil, Cod liver oil, Probiotics, Melatonin (PCNZ), Zinc drops/capsules (Clinicians), Epsom salts bath
  • Education to parents: Information given on diet, environment, relevant websites and support groups. Referral to another biomedical team member if required for specialty help (eg. gluten-free/casein-free diet)

Phase 2

  • Aim: Improve gut function/flora, balance biochemistry, improve nutrition, individualise supplement plan. Start treatment if indicated for: gut issues such as constipation and high yeast, disordered biochemistry such as low zinc, low ferritin, high copper, raised kryptopyrolles. Check diet suitability. Repeat ATEC scores (ASD)
  • Probable tests: Repeat bloods for zinc, copper, ferritin etc. Do further tests such as stool assessment, food allergy test, organic acid test as required
  • Probable supplements: calcium/magnesium (PCNZ), consider methyl B12 subcutaneous injections (PCNZ), consider digestive enzymes
  • Education to Parents: Information given on: fecal retention/constipation, common biochemical imbalances, yeast and management of die-off reactions, how and why to give methyl B12 injections

Phase 3

  • Aim: Continued attention to gut issues/flares. Specific therapy for Organic Acid (OAT) imbalances if necessary, attention to immune system, metallothionein promotion therapy and/or heavy metal detoxification if needed. ATEC (ASD) repeat 3-6 monthly
  • Probable tests: Repeat full blood test, consider further investigations into heavy metals, plasma amino acids, plasma fatty acids, immune panel
  • Probable supplements: Add metallothionein promotion therapy and/or detoxifying agent (PCNZ)
  • Education to parents: Information sheets on metallothionein promotion therapy and various heavy metal detoxification regimes

Phase 4

  • Maintenance and ongoing surveillance

(Information adapted from guidelines written by Dr Debbie Fewtrell)