Sujon Blackcurrant Powder

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The antioxidants found in blackcurrants are essential to health, wellbeing and active longevity. New independent research suggests that Sujon New Zealand blackcurrants are the number one super fruit in the world, being the highest antioxidant cultivated berry. This is due to high intensity of natural UV light, a pristine environment, perfect growing conditions and unique varieties to New Zealand.

Being the richest natural source of blackcurrant poly phenols available they also outperform bilberry, acai, goji, pomegranate, grape seed, pine bark and blueberry in antioxidant potency.

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180g and 500g

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Sujon Blackcurrant Powder harnesses all the powerful health-giving properties of New Zealand blackcurrants, which are scientifically proven to contain the highest concentrations of antioxidants, flavonoids and a combination of 14 nutrients and minerals of any cultivated food, grown anywhere in the world.

Sujon Blackcurrant Powder is a 100% natural food that contains all the goodness of the raw fruit.

When taken daily it becomes a powerful addition to a regular diet for those seeking improved health, increased immunity, faster muscle recovery or an edge in sports performance.

Sujon Blackcurrants grown for Sujon Blackcurrant powder are harvested in the pristine conditions of the top of the South Island, New Zealand. New Zealand’s intense UV light stresses the plants into producing the highest levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins of any cultivated food in the world.

Scientists have found that the unique varieties of blackcurrants Sujon uses in its blackcurrant powder and capsules are rich in anthocyanins and other compounds which help supports:

  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Muscle Fatigue (exercise recovery)
  • Brain Function
  • Increased Energy
  • Circulation
  • Eye Health & Vision
  • Immunity
  • Neurological disorders
  • Prebiotoic, probiotic effects
  • Fibromylagia and RSI treatment
  • Diabetes

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