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Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ Limited (PCNZ) is the leading compounding pharmacy in New Zealand for hormone replacement therapies and customised medicines. PCNZ, in cooperation with gynaecologist (the late) Dr Fenton Bennett, introduced bio-identical (natural) hormone therapy into New Zealand in 1997. We were the first dedicated compounding pharmacy established in N.Z. in 1998.

Our core business is the customised preparation of topical and oral medicines for supply to patients when requested by medical practitioners. These medicines are not available in the mainstream pharmacy distribution system.  The main products compounded are related to the treatment of hormonal imbalance. These are formulated using bio-identical hormones as the active ingredients including, e.g. Progesterone, Estriol, Estradiol and Testosterone.

PCNZ operates a specially fitted-out facility (1200 m2) containing separate suites of 12 production clean rooms for compounding hormone and non-hormone based products, and another suite of rooms for natural health and other medicinal products. Currently 37 staff are employed, and over 50,000 prescriptions are dispensed each year.

PCNZ Diagnostic also has the sole agency in New Zealand for the Melbourne based laboratory, Path Lab. Through Path Lab, PCNZ Diagnostic offers over 60 specialty diagnostic tests including endocrinology, metabolic, neuroendocrinology and gastrointestinal assessments

We operate pursuant to the Medicines Act and Regulations; the Health and Disability Pharmacy Services Standards NZS 8134.7:2010; and the Level 2 ACC Work and Safety Management Practice.


The New PCNZ Mobile App

We have a new free mobile app available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android!

Features include: 

  • ScriptCam – Send us a photo of your scriptPCNZ App
  • Repeat Script – Send us your repeat orders
  • Loyalty – 5 orders over $50 (non-prescription) = $25 voucher
  • Seminars – Information hand-outs on and from our seminars
  • Info – Find out more about us and our services
  • Voice Record – Record prescription advice
  • Newsletter Archive – View our recent newsletters
  • Contact – Includes all our contact information

Just search for PCNZ in the App Store or Play Store.



 Products and Services 

We produce a large range of prescription and non-prescription medicines and supplements at our pharmacy (also known as 'compounding'). Our team of professional pharmacists are adept at compounding synthetics or natural active ingredients in a wide range of delivery formats, including CAPSULES, CREAMS, POWDERS, LIQUIDS, TROCHES, GELS, and SUPPOSITORIES.

Our greatest field of expertise is the field of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy e.g. Progesterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Estrogen, Testosterone, Hormone combinations and Dessicated Whole Thyroid.

PCNZ also compound a range of non script products. PCNZ founder, Mike Cushman, also founded a natural supplements company Natural Health Laboratories Limited (NHL) in 1998. Now sold to Douglas Pharmaceuticals, NHL manufactures and markets the Clinicians brand of dietary supplements We continue to stock the Clinicians range of dietary supplements. See our PRODUCTS page for our full range.

Services include Compounding, Laboratory Testing, Repeat scripts, Consultations for the public and we are used as a quality resource for patients, doctors and pharmacists

We offer a national courier service for scripts, or the company has a dispensary on site in Glenfield Auckland for patients to bring their scripts in and get advice from the pharmacists

Our website is a rich source of information for the public and practitioner alike. Health practitioners will find an educational section that includes prescribing guidelines, presentations, and consensus statements from the International Hormone Society. The public will find informative pages on hormonescommon disorders, along with health questionnaires.

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